2020 Parade Application Information and Guidelines

The Papillion Community Foundation always has the best interest of the Community that we serve in mind when making decisions about our major events.  With due regard to the health and safety of those we serve it is with great sadness that we share the news that for the first time in the history of Papillion Days the June event will not take place as scheduled.  We have consulted closely with City of Papillion officials. We honor and respect their input and are committed to do our part to help protect citizens of Papillion.  We are currently exploring options to reschedule the event later in the year if possible.  We are also looking at virtual options as we know how much Papillion Days means to our community.  Additionally, we are also postponing all Papillion 150 Events until further notice.  We know that this will come as an enormous disappointment, not only to citizens, but also vendors, businesses, organizations and professionals who make Papillion Days happen.  This is not a decision that we have taken lightly.  We will continue to share information on any new dates or plans.  In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We find ourselves in unsettling times.  We all need to be able to enjoy events like Papillion Days and someday soon we will do just that.  Now is the time to lift each other up and put every ounce of positive energy forward.  We are doing everything that we can to support the community right now – redirecting all our energy to helping those in need during this pandemic.  

Thank you

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Papillion Community Foundation




Papillion has a Parade and it is the Best Around!

The 73rd Annual Papillion Days Parade returns Saturday,  June 20th in Downtown Papillion.  The parade proceeds down N. Washington Street (84th Street) from 6th Street all the way to Halleck Street. 

The Papillion Days parade is coordinated by the Papillion Community Foundation in partnership with the City of Papillion.  N. Washington Street is closed during the parade so that citizens can stroll through downtown and enjoy the parade in a safe, car free environment. 

For a full schedule of activities visit


The 2020 Parade Theme - centered around this year's celebration of the 150th Birthday of Papillion.  During the entire year of 2020 we will be celebrating with the Papillion 150 Movement of "Honoring our Journey Celebrating our Wings.  So this year's parade theme will be  "Papillion - A Party 150 Year's in the Making".  It is all about celebrating all that is Papillion - BIRTHDAY PARTY STYLE!!  

Papillion has grown so much in the last 10 years – so many new things but our values haven’t changed.  We still have that small town feel!

You can show off your creativity and how you interpret the theme with humor, advocacy, or collaboration! The goal is to really move the judges!


Marching Band

High School/College Band Programs along with their drill/flag teams/Cheerleaders/sports team members


Any and all not-for-profit business and organizations.  This includes churches, schools, community organizations, non-profit agencies, neighborhood groups, and government agencies. 


Any and all for-profit businesses and organizations AND any entry that displays an advertising message.

Dance/Drill Team

non-school related (high School/College) choreographed and costumed participants performing (marching, dancing, twirling, roller-skating, etc.) consistently throughout the parade. Sound may be incorporated and props carried. 

Animal Units

Groups with animals - large or small groups or clubs with large animals - horses, llamas, etc. Participants must be in costume and provide their own pooper scoopers, removing all animal waste in the staging area and along the parade route, no exceptions. All animals must be on leashes or contained for their safety of animals, participants and audience members.  It is usually very hot so make sure you have water on hand for your animals. There will be a station where you can refill water along the parade route.

Antique/Show Vehicles

Just that! Show/Antique cars, tractors, or any other motorized vehicle.

Political Candidate/Group

Any and all candidates running for political office or currently holding an office, in any parade unit. 

Application Criteria

The Papillion Days Parade is limited to a maximum of 75 entries. The Papillion Community Foundation reviews all applications and reserves the right to choose only those entries that meet the criteria established in this application.  Please complete your application with as much detail as possible, as acceptance of your entry is based only on the information you provide to us.

Design Concept

Entry is well-designed and has an exceptional central theme or idea. We get your message in 20 seconds!

Adherence to Theme

Entry uniquely incorporates the parade theme “Wagons to Wings – Metamorphosis of Our Community”.

Entertainment Quality

The entry is fun, clever and well-received by an audience.  You make us want to stand up and cheer!

Technical Design

Entry easily travels the parade route and meets size restrictions.


Recorded or live music, use of instruments, chants/singing or other audio is effectively used by your entry.


There is an interesting and exciting routine performed consistently throughout the parade route.     


Costumes are original in nature and well designed and creative. Props are inventive, and are large enough to be visible to the audience.


What is Pomp(ing) vs a Float?

Pomping is the action of rolling sheets of tissue paper into tiny balls that are then glued one by one onto cardboard to create an elaborate mural OR creating a frame with wood and chicken wire then you layer pieces of tissue paper and use a pencil to stick them through the holes in the chicken wire to create a mural.  Once the mural is complete you then mount it on a trailer or in a truck bed and display it during the parade. 

A Float is typically built on a trailer and can include pomping but also some sort of structure that promotes the Parade Theme.  Sometimes floats have moving parts, music, people in costume, floral sheeting, streamers, fringe, signs, marquees just anything that your imagination can dream up. 

There are many videos on YouTube that describe pomping and floats – search your ideas today!


The Papillion Days parade will be judged by an exceptional panel of community members of all ages.

Cash prizes will be awarded in the following categories to formally registered parade entrants that are highly entertaining and best represent the Parade Theme and award category.  Entries are judged on entertainment value to the audience, creativity and concept, adherence to theme and audience reaction. 


All applications must be received by May 27th or you will be charged a late entry fee. 

Entries must observe all applicable rules, regulations and policies or be barred from the Parade.  The Papillion Community Foundation reserves the right to remove from the parade, either prior to assembly, at assembly or any time during the parade, any entrant not conforming to the rules, regulations and policies, or any entrant refusing to follow instructions or police or parade officials.   Parade officials must approve all entries before entering the parade route.  Failure to adhere to the rules, regulations and policies may result in a one year suspension from participation in the Papillion Days Parade.  The Papillion Community Foundation reserves the right to deny participation on the day of the parade if entry details vary from original accepted application. 

DISTRIBUTIONS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED FROM PARADE FLOATS OR VEHICLES.  This means that if you are part of a float, riding on a float or riding in a vehicle, you are NOT ALLOWED TO DISTRIBUTE ITEMS OF ANY KIND!

Distributions (candy, stickers, flyers, etc.)  Intended for parade audience must be handed directly to the recipient by a representative walking adjacent to your float or vehicle, along the curbside.  People distributing items may NOT go near the float at any time during the parade.  Those making the distributions need to carry the items they are distributing with them, or have someone walking next to them to hold the items being distributed. A wagon can be pulled to hold items as well, but there absolutely cannot be any type of motorized vehicle near the curbsides.

All vehicles and floats MUST STAY BETWEEN THE TWO CENTER LANES OF THE STREET (on 84th Street from 5th Street all the way to Halleck Street).  No vehicle, motorcycle, float, bike, moped, scooter, etc. is allowed to go outside of the center two lanes.  This is for the SAFETY of the audience.

PARADE DELAY CAUSED BY ANY ENTRY MAY RESULT IN A DEDUCTION IN JUDGING OR DISQUALIFICATION FROM AWARDS. Any entry stopping in front of the judges to specially perform will automatically be disqualified from competition for awards.  All entries must maintain forward motion during the parade.

PARADE PARTICIPANTS ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE PAPILLION DAYS PARADE IS A FAMILY ORIENTED EVENT. The Papillion Community Foundation and Parade Officials reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and at any time, including the day of the parade, to disallow parade entries that it deems offensive.  Entries may be historical, humorous or modern in design.  Those planning entries should remember a large part of the audience will be children. 




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